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paul wheaton - the duke of permaculture

Paul Wheaton

Paul Wheaton, the bad boy of Permaculture was proclaimed by Geoff Lawton in 2012 the Duke of Permaculture. He is the creator of two on-line communities. One is about Permaculture, Permies.com, and one is about software engineering, CodeRanch.com.

He is a powerful advocate of Sepp Holzer’s techniques for which a recent study showed they have the ability to feed 21 billion people without the use of petroleum or irrigation. He also promotes the use of hugelkultur, which sequesters carbon and eliminates the need for irrigation, and polycultures, which reduces the need for pest control and improves the health of plants. He wrote several articles about lawn care, raising chickens, cast iron and diatomaceous earth. Paul regularly uploads permaculture videos and permaculture podcasts.


For general questions about rocket mass heaters, please ask at the rocket stoves forums at permies.

For consultations on rocket mass heaters, refer to this page

For questions about getting the DVDs or the streaming, please post a new thread in the tinkering with this site forum at permies.

Then, if none of those meet your needs, email gir at richsoil dot com.